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The AMS China team has been a powerful presence in Chinese aviation since 2009.  There will be a substantial change in the General Aviation sector of China as new airports and new thinking leads to plans of the past coming in to action.

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Our team is made up of American, British and Chinese professionals in the areas of flight, maintenance, education/training, audits, marketing, leasing, purchasing, and selling, as well as offshore aircraft registration.


With offices in Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing in China, and in Phoenix, Arizona; Seattle, Washington, Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado  in the USA, as well as Cranleigh, UK and on Grand Cayman Island, AMS China is fully prepared to support your business establishment & business operational needs in China.


The best planning for most private individuals is to take a conservative approach to aviation matters, however be prepared and knowledgeable so you can react quickly when the aviation sector emerges.  Doing business in China is unlike any other country or market.  Do not go in blind or in doubt.  Let AMS China's team help educate you and give you a leg-up in getting established with a minimal investment, and learn about doing business in China.


We will help you with all facets of considering a growing a business in China.  Bank accounts, law firms, taxation information, employment/recruitment, office preparations, and even relocation support for your team's accommodations, and acclimation to life in China.

AMS China philosophy is to save you time and money by educating you to the aviation and matters when conducting business in China.  We do not charge you a commission or retainers.  We present you with a detailed and personalized business plan to help you achieve your goals, based on exactly what you want or need.


AMS China seeks a long term relationship based on transparency, integrity, honesty, and superior knowledge.  If it is not good for you then it is not good for AMS China.


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