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AMS China and our partners have developed a first of its kind Commercial Aircraft Leasing Inspection, Acceptance & Management MRO facility in Shijiazhuang.

Aircraft coming into an operator or being returned from an operator can be audited to be sure all lease provisions are correct and in accordance with the lease provisions.


Delivery Maintenance Check to the operator from the leasing company, and again returning the leased aircraft from the operator to the leasing company will be audited to assure that all applicable lease conditions and provisions have been fully met, and all required specifications and acceptance criteria has been met and per the contract for all parties.


During the maintenance acceptance or return check process our program team will assure that:

  • The documentation of the maintenance status of the aircraft and relevant technical records correspond to delivery conditions stated in the lease agreement.

  • The physical technical condition of aircraft corresponds to delivery conditions.  Our very experienced maintenance inspectors, who are familiar with the aircraft type, will find and determine any deviations at the inspected zones, based on approved data. All findings will be written and photo documented and listed in detail and sent to Lessor for rectification.

  • We will take photographs of all relevant sections as reference material during the lease, and for aircraft return from lease audit to assure compliance and all lessor obligations have been met during the return delivery to the leasee.

  • The content of a physical inspection will be specialized for each aircraft type.

If allowed under the lease agreement, the Lessee should witness the functional and operational checks which are completed at the end of the delivery check just before our team completes our work and the aircraft is ready for final MRO release, and all work-orders are signed and issued to the aircraft logbooks and records. When Lessee has verified and confirmed that the technical condition of the aircraft satisfies the return or re-delivery conditions, at this stage, the lessor may make preparations for their acceptance flight.

During the physical inspection, the Lessee should ensure that both the physical condition and the actual aircraft state in relation to the records (installed components, aircraft configuration etc.) are acceptable. Our physical inspection and records audit will include a full survey of the aircraft.

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