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If English is not your native language, understanding or speaking some of the technical terms or nuances may lead to difficulties, misunderstandings, or errors.

Let our courses educate your technical speaking and understanding to give you an advantage in your aviation career.

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Whether you are preparing for school, currently in flight or maintenance training, or an experienced aviation professional, expanding your speaking and understanding vocabulary can be important, even critical or life-saving.

Each foreign language has it's own technical terms, or even "slang" terms that can be difficult to understand, or completely confusing.

Our courses are adapted to the foreign language or country you may be working with, studying, or operating/maintaining their aircraft.  Rise above others in your field by learning and having a comfort level in the language.  Working closely with instructors, engineers, and having a better understanding of the text within the manuals can offer you comfort as well as a level of understanding and comprehension above others in your profession.

AMS China offers introduction, basic, and advanced courses we developed for students and professionals.  We also offer tailored courses and classes to fit your company or departments needs and goals.  You can come to our facilities to learn, or we can come to your facilities for conducting in-house training for your team or groups.

Who can benefit from the AMS China Technical English Training courses?

  • Mechanics


  • Engineers


  • Technical Staff


  • Parts & Supply Personnel


  • Ground Support & Handlers


  • Trainers


  • Auditors

  • Anyone in the technical field

  • Pilots

  • Flight Attendants

  • Ramp Agents

  • Gate Agents

  • Shift Supervisors

  • Managers & Leaders

  • Accountants

  • Anyone in an office position

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