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  • Flight Department Due Diligence Assessment Audits

  • Aircraft Registry

  • Aviation Department and/or Flight Department Management

  • Aircraft Delivery and Acceptance Services

Personal and Private Aircraft - NBAA Orl
  • Flight Department Due Diligence Assessment Audits


The AMS CHINA team has fine-tuned a financial-based audit/review that provides an owner of an aircraft with a third-party report assessment of the owner’s flight department and operations.  This audit includes a detailed analysis of the following: expenses, maintenance, crew, catering, flight operations, internal accounting, etc; and it compares and measures these against comparable (best industry) aircraft fleets and operators with comparable aircraft and operations.


AMS CHINA offers this desirable and informative audit because many private owners and corporate flight departments do not have professional aviation-knowledgeable accountants or financial departments, or even tax consultants, and oftentimes lack the depth experience and clear understanding of aircraft operations.  Because of such deficiencies, many of the necessary details are missed, including the identification of improper invoices, over-charges, illegitimate add-ons, mark-ups, etc., leaving an owner paying 5%-25% in overstated invoices and unnecessary expenses.

Unrealistically, many owners expect their pilots to be able to manage the flight department as well as provide accounting oversight.  This function can unfairly take away from a pilot’s critical safety, training and flight planning activities.  In some cases, pilots may not have a solid understanding, nor should they be expected to of; maintenance requirements, invoices, work orders, defects and/or discrepancies; and often they approve an invoice that would have been corrected by a more experienced eye.  With these industry shortcomings in mind, AMS CHINA can now offer an owner the ability to have a third-party report of his operations.



  • Aircraft Registry


The AMS CHINA offerings for the registration of aircraft in the Private, Commercial, or Business/Corporate Category covers all of the aspects necessary when making your original or changing of registration, in a turnkey program that AMS CHINA will outline to you in our program quote.


The process of your registration is generally a fairly straightforward process that (with the right advice, assistance and preparation by our experienced team of registry professionals) can be completed quickly.  AMS CHINA registry program also includes consideration of the options available for the structuring of aircraft ownership, including trust and company structures that meet all of the Civil Aviation Authorities requirements for your chosen country of registration.



  • Aviation Department and/or Flight Department Management


AMS CHINA will customize our management offerings and options based on your needs.  Our team is built on experienced professionals who have a proven track record; they also have the necessary ratings, certifications and experience to meet or maintain the appropriate CAA/Regulators’ requirements applicable to your operations.


  1. Areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) the following:

  2. Audits & reviews;

  3. Flight crew and/or maintenance team management;

  4. Aircraft maintenance (CAMO);

  5. Crew recruitment;

  6. Aircraft selection/upgrades assistance and support;

  7. Financial and accounting support and management;

  8. Document and manual updates or generation;

  9. Total department management and oversight.



  • Aircraft Delivery and Acceptance Services


Taking delivery of a new, or a previously-owned aircraft, the need to make sure you are receiving what you are expecting, and what you paid for, in accordance with your purchase agreement are critical to receiving what you paid for, and in maintaining your investment.


Here are just a few of the considerations that require a thorough, knowledgeable, and experienced aviation expert with maintenance and international expertise:


  • The very specialized and highly technical nature of aircraft;

  • the high cost and the varied options of customization of a new or previously-owned aircraft;

  • Your aircraft may be undergoing extensive reconfiguration, modification or maintenance.


Your aircraft needs to be expertly reviewed and validated for the work performed, and to assure it meets your demanding requirements, as well as the obligated contractual requirements of the sale or work scope agreement.


Furthermore, the amount of documentation, certifications, records, inventory and testing required is onerous for an owner and requires a great deal of experience and knowledge to address properly.  The AMS China team will offer the necessary oversight and acceptance work required to assure an aircraft that was ordered, built and specified has in fact been delivered, is suitable for its intended mission and is legally and factually airworthy.


The following list includes those items that should be carefully and professionally monitored to assure you the highest quality, at the very best price, and fully acceptable and airworthy to your Civil Aviation Authority where your aircraft is registered, and where you operate:


  1. New Aircraft Delivery

  2. New Interior Modification (Green Aircraft)

  3. Aircraft Refurbishment

  4. Maintenance Acceptance

  5. Insurance Repair Oversight & Acceptance


Often times, and on average the work-order, work scope, labor hours, maintenance tracking, and final invoicing include 10% or more in overcharges and errors.  Invoice software systems and large or long-term maintenance visits lead to multiplication of several steps that account for excessive costs and charges on your invoices.


In the case of Maintenance Acceptance service we will provide a large portion of our services based on a percentage of the money we save you.  So unless we save you money on your maintenance invoice a significant portion (10% - 25%) of our fee will be waived.



We stand by our service by assuring that

unless you save money, we will not charge you.


We make our money when we save you your money.

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