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Several members of our AMS China management team, as well as our Chairman are Americans we have been a strong presence in aviation since 1971.  We have worked with 100’s of people and businesses to help them make the best aviation decisions possible according to their individual circumstances.

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We help our clients make the best and most informed decisions possible to save money, while getting the most for their money.  We never talk you into spending more and we are careful to make sure you do not spend too little which can lead to more cost and expenses later in the process.  Spending too little several times is almost always more expensive than spending the proper amount the first time.


Many clients have dreams that are big, and we will support to help you achieve big when the time is correct.  Do not start big and see it turn into losses, ending up in a loss, or a much smaller gain.  Spending smart, making the best decisions up front, and you can see your investment or purchase grow into big.  Like a farmer, you need to prepare the soil, plant the seed, nurture the growth and bring your harvest to market for the best results.

An important part of conducting a successful business in America is a good understanding of the tax and banking system.  We can assist you in getting the best knowledge and advice to avoid unnecessary costs, fee and expenses, as well as how to take advantage of the tax system to avoid over-payments, and avoiding any penalties or missed filing deadlines and procedures.

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