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Jihang Aviation was founded in 1956 and began operations in 1958. It is an important group of China Aviation Industry Company (AVIC).


Jihang Aviation specializes in civil as well as military aircraft, component & accessory repair and overhaul, turbine and piston engine maintenance, repair, and production assembly as well as a strong aviation products manufacturing business line.

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Some interesting details of Jihang Aviation:

  • Located in Jilin City, in Jilin Province, China, and is 978 km (608 mi) Northeast of Beijing

  • Overhauled & delivered thousands of aircraft both within China and around the world

  • Has overhauled & delivered over 10,000 aircraft engines

  • The facilities occupy over 1,754,000 sq/m (433 acres)

  • Has a dedicated working staff of over 2000 people, with 860 of the staff are intermediate to senior level professionals

The list of specialized departments and capabilities include:

  • Component and Accessory Repair & Overhaul

    • Airborne Air-Conditioning

    • Hydraulics & Pneumatics

    • Fuel Systems

    • Mechanical Instruments and Digital Electronic Instrument Component & Systems

    • Oxygen Systems & Components

    • Avionics; Radios, Radar, and Electrical Wiring Harnesses

    • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Critical Military Electronics

  • Engine Manufacturing/Assembly, Repair, Overhaul, and Testing

    • Turbine Engine Models: WP-5 series, WS-11, AY-24, WJ-5, and others including limited Rolls-Royce approvals

    • Piston Lycoming Engines

  • Major Sub-Assembly Manufacturing

    • Cockpit Transparencies & Canopy Assemblies

    • Major Sheet-metal Components & Assemblies

  • OEM supplier of Custom Gaskets, Seals, Ducts, as well as Springs, Brackets, and related supporting components

  • Major Surface Treatments

    • Gold, Zinc, Nickel, and Industrial Chromium Plating

    • Decorative Chromium Plating

    • Color Passivization

    • Internal Engine Component Blueing

  • Additional Capability in Manufacturing, Production and Assembly


Jihang Aviation is also a full aircraft manufacturing facility of a variety of Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing (Helicopter), and UAV Aircraft.

Since 2019 Jihang Aviation has opened a CAAC Part 147 Aircraft Maintenance Technician school and is expanding the school in several major areas in 2020-2021

Download Jihang Brochure

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