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AMS China

What AMS China Can Do For You

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Click this title to learn about what we do for you regarding international standardized audits, general business audits, pre-audit reviews, and general business due diligence reviews and reports

This section is for non-commercial aviation services related to private, personal and business aviation matters and concerns

Learn how we can help you build, conduct or grow business in China

Learn how we can help you build, conduct or grow your business in the USA

Commercial Airline Leasing intake or return audit/inspections and corrective maintenance services

AMS China can provide, source, and support your certificated parts needs, as well as consulting with airlines to help them resource suppliers, providers, and in-house capabilities

Let us provide you information, answers, and solutions to your flight training desires or requirements.  Learn how a career in aviation can provide you a lifelong position in the exciting field of aviation   We have programs in the domestic Chinese market as well as international flight training options.  many of our programs include career placement and paid positions upon the completion of your training and testing.

Learn about AMS China's 30 month college degree program to become a licensed & certificated aircraft maintenance technician which can provide you a lifetime career in this exciting and financially rewarding field

We provide specific initial & advanced technical English language education for the aviation student or professional

Organize and management of international conferences around china, focused on aviation.  Operations, maintenance, equipment, training & education, and specialty fields such as Aero-Medical operations and transport, flight training, airline operations, ground handling and servicing, new aircraft development, airport design and refurbishment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhancements and functionality, Etc., 




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