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AMS China has several direct partners and ventures which provide many of the highest utilized rotable parts required of airlines and commercial operators around the world.

Our program puts these parts on-hand/in-house or even a "Consignment Program" for qualified operators.

Be sure to look up "Our Partners & Useful Links" for for specific areas of interests that you may need in locating parts, components, accessories, and services.

Boeing 747-800.jpg

The need to have parts available in China, or even directly into your in-house inventory is key to our program.  For those parts or components not yet in our inventory, we can generally provide them in under 24 hours.

Our partners are also prepared to offer our clients and customers "High-Priority" expedited exchange components when applicable, and services to provide "Quick Turn" on your components which require repair, overhaul, and testing.

Once you have made contact with AMS China, we will assign you a customized account and identification number so that you can reach out directly with our partners ("Our Partners & Useful Links")

You can contact us at anytime our contact form (below) and let us establish you and your company or business with your customized account profile and identification number.

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