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AMS China

Your Source for Commercial Aviation Expertise

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Aircraft Lease Indoctrination & Return Services

Chengdu & Shanghai China and Phoenix, Arizona USA

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Airline Parts, Support & Consultation Services

Chengdu & Shanghai China

Heavy Check Services

China - USA - Europe

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Aviation Technical English Training

Chengdu & Shanghai China

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PMA Replacement Parts

China & USA

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Learn to Fly - Pilot Flight Training                            College Degree Program

The Sahara, Africa

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Ask Us Anything About Aviation

For many people aviation is a dream, a mystery, or an unknown.  Feel free to ask us anything and we will respond and try to answer your questions or provide you information that might be helpful for you.

For experienced aviation personnel and professionals we will answer your questions and help provide you the information you seek as well.

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Aircraft Lease & Purchase Support

If you have questions about purchasing or leasing an aircraft let the AMS China Team help provide you the information you need to make an informed decision or learn about the best options available to you or your business.

Our experience can help you with providing you helpful and useful information about all aspects of aircraft ownership including; maintenance, operations, flight and cabin crew staffing, support of your flight department, and overall management, etc.

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Aircraft Sales Support

Let AMS China help you get the best value for your existing aircraft should you decide to sell or downgrade.  We may have some options that let you keep your aircraft and possibly earn enough income to reduce or eliminate your costs while keeping your asset and value rather than selling at a loss.

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